Unlimited Training Classes

We get it, you sign up for a once a week class thinking "this will get my dog trained"! Then the instructor assigns you homework every week, which lets face it, you don't work on nearly as much as you should (or at all) either because you aren't confident that you're doing it right or life simply just gets in the way. Then you show up at the next class and you're behind the class schedule. If something comes up unexpectedly which forces you to miss a class, you end up even further behind! In 6 - 8 weeks you're finally starting to make some progress with your dog, both you and your dog are making friends in class but then the class is over and you and your dog end up not much further ahead than you were before you started! At Elite Sport Dogs, we don't ask something unrealistic of a dog and then blame the dog when our expectations aren't met, and we don't do that to our human clients either! We understand that life is unpredictable and chaotic, and that's why our award winning trainer Angie Barron designed our one of a kind unlimited training program that works with your existing lifestyle while also producing better results than what is possible with a once a week class. Training once a week is simply not enough to effectively train your dog, which is why this program is designed to get you out and training your dog more often while still allowing you the flexibility to live your life! All classes in our unlimited program are run as drop in style classes, which means you aren't ever stuck paying for a class you don't like and if you can't commit to coming at a certain day and time every single week that's ok! Your flat monthly membership fee allows you to come to as many classes as you want every week. We are currently offering classes 3 nights a week with 3 classes every month which means you can take up to 9 classes every week for $130 per month which is the same price or less per week when compared to the cost per week of most once a week group classes currently offered in the Lethbridge area. This one of a kind program is designed to not only help you create a well trained dog, but also keep your dog well trained! Currently offered classes are listed below and are changed on a seasonal basis to adapt to the needs and interests of our valued members. What gets taught in class is strongly influenced by the needs of the students in each class to make sure everyone gets the most out of each class. All of our indoor classes are held at Sam's Puppy Playhouse located at 230 12C St N, Lethbridge, AB. If you are unsure of which classes to try out first, any of our beginner classes are typically a good starting point for most dogs without any serious behaviour concerns. Remember, all classes are drop in so you are not locked into a specific a class if you don't like it, in fact we highly encourage people to try different classes! If you are still unsure of what class to start with or you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us!