Elite Sport Dogs is proud to be an authorized dealer for Dogtra and E-Collar Technologies. I only sell high quality collars that I use on my own dogs. This is a short list of some of our most popular products, but we do carry a wide variety of Dogtra and E-Collar technologies products. If you are looking for something not listed here please contact me. Click here for more information on the proper use of electronic collars and how they are used in my training program

Dogtra 1900S


The durable 1900S e-collar features a 3/4-mile range and is fully waterproof. The receiver has a unique modern design that lets the collar strap wrap around the receiver and your dog’s neck for enhanced comfort and seamless appearance. The Dogtra 1900S receiver outputs low-high stimulation from 0-127 levels, a wide range of stimulation that will fit any dog’s personality from mild to most stubborn. Using a patented Rheostat Dial, the gradual and precise stimulation control is displayed on the illuminated LCD screen on the handheld transmitter. The 1900S is also available in the 2-dog system, the 1902S.

Dogtra 3500X


The Dogtra 3500X is designed for advanced handlers, packaged with a professional grade DUAL DIAL transmitter and IPX9K certified waterproof receiver. Geared towards professionals,  the unique and essential features are intended to elevate your training regimen: 1.5-mile range*, Stimulation Level Lock, single-button Nick/Constant stimulation, HPP vibration, audible tone, 8-level Selector Dial, and expandable DUAL DIAL for independent 2-dog control.
The expandable DUAL DIAL transmitter of the 3500X comes with a dimmable OLED screen and two sets of the Selector Dial and buttons dedicated to each collar, which allows seamless and effective operation of the collars without switching levels back and forth. The 3500X features make it an ideal tool for elevating hunting/competition performance or training tactical K-9 operation. 
* The range may reduce depending on the surroundings. 

Dogtra T&B Dual


Designed for upland hunters, the T&B Dual is equipped with a dual dial transmitter with key features like 127 Nick/Constant stimulation levels, HPP vibration, Locate Beeper, Run/Point Beeper Modes, and a 1.5-mile range*.
The expandable dual dial transmitter of the T&B comes with an OLED screen and two sets of rheostat dial and buttons dedicated to each collar, which allows seamless and effective operation of the collars without switching the stimulation levels back and forth. The receiver of the T&B Dual has a unique single-body receiver/beeper horn to eliminate the bulkiness and enhance the durability. It is equipped with an accelerometer sensor for the most accurate motion detection of the Beeper Modes for Point-Only and Run/Point.
* The range may reduce depending on the surroundings.

E-Collar Technologies UL - 1200


E-Collar Technologies K9 Handler 800


Both the UL 1200 and K9 Handler 800 feature:


- 1 mile range

- Stimulation levels between 1 and 100

- Tone and vibrate options

- Built in tracking light on receivers

- Lost transmitter locator

- Shock resistant (up to 5000 G-force) and water resistant (up to 500' below sea level)

- Floating transmitter

- The unique control of stimulation technology which provides a very clean and consistent stimulation which eliminates head jerking

-  One dog units are are user expandable to two dogs

- Easy to use boost feature that allows for instant stimulation boost from 1-60 levels above the set stimulation level at the touch of a button.

Both systems feature E-Collar Technologies proprietary blunt stimulation for superior results for low-level stimulation work. However, when high stimulation is required, these collars have the highest stimulation of any remote trainer on the market. The K9 Handler also features a bungee collar which helps the collar keep consistent contact with your dogs neck by expanding and contracting with the neck as it moves, which also allows for a more comfortable fit for the dog without sacrificing consistent contact.

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