E-Collar Training Basics

The remote training collar or "e-collar" is a great tool when used in combination with a good training program. Although it is often used as a substitute for learning to train a dog and/or a crutch for a poor training program, that is not how they should be used, and they often end up creating more problems than they solve when used that way. The e-collar is an advanced level tool, not a short cut, that allows us to communicate with our dogs with a high level of precision over great distances. The bad reputation that e-collars have is a result of both incorrect or unethical use, as well as their history. Modern e-collars have come a long way since they were first introduced when they only had one setting which was insanely high. Back then the technology that trainers had to work with was not the best, and they did not have the information available to them on training with e-collars that we have today, which we now have thanks to those trainers. Over time the technology really started to change, and those trainers were getting more experience with the devices and getting better and better at avoiding the potential fallout's the devices were causing. Due to many of the myths out there about modern e-collars, people are often nervous about using one because they don't understand how they work and they are afraid they may accidentally hurt their dog. When used with knowledge and respect for the dog, E-collars are a fantastic tool that will take a lot of the stress out of training for both you and your dog. A good quality modern e-collar also will not do any kind of physical harm to your dog no matter how high it is set. Quality modern e-collars also have a wide variety of settings and go so low that the sensation is not even detectable to the dog, and they also have a very small increase between each level. This allows us to pin point the exact right level for each dog which is just high enough to get the response we want, without it being too high either. An e-collar is just a tool that allows us to touch our dogs at a distance, its up to us to decide how high we set it and whether or not to push the button. A user can use the tool well with respect for their dog, or they can use it poorly with the intent of doing harm, but that is completely dependent on the user and has nothing to do with the tool. Not all ecollars are created equal, so if you are considering buying one please contact us before you buy!