Group Training Classes

****Our group classes will be returning very shortly! Please check this page regularly or follow us on facebook for updates!****


Unfortunately group classes are not available at this time due to Covid 19 restrictions, but we are currently offering private lessons in 6 weeks sessions and a greatly reduced rate until group classes are able to start again! Indoor classes are held at 230 12C St N, Lethbridge, AB.

Foundation Obedience Level 1&2:
In level 1 dogs learn the foundation skills that will help them to become well mannered dogs that enjoy working the field while under control and are easy to live with for many years to come. This class is open to all dogs over 6 months of age and covers foundation behaviours such as here, sit and/or whoa (depending on your dogs hunting style), stay, heel, lay down, go to bed, as well as introducing some off leash work in a controlled environment. In Level 2 we improve the behaviours learned in level 1 by adding distance, distractions, duration and increasing the difficulty of the behaviours learned in level one. If you think you are ready for level 2 but have not taken our level 1 course, please contact us for an assessment

Puppy Development
This class is for dogs up to 6 months old and covers how develop your puppy into a great gun dog! We cover a variety of topics including socialization, including how and when to start teaching your pup formal obedience behaviours, preventing problem behaviours, field introduction, bird introduction and how to build good habits that will help you with later training!

Training the Retrieve Level1,2, & 3
This class is great for people who are looking to train their dog to retrieve reliably without the dog destroying retrieve items or playing "keep away".  In level 1 we teach both the "take it" command where the dog learns to put an item in its mouth on command, and the "hold" command where the dog needs to hold the item quietly without chewing on it, and in level 2 we merge those two commands together to create a finished retrieve. In level 3 we begin basic casting drills. This class is open to dogs that have passed foundation obedience level 1 & 2 or have passed an assessment.

How to Play Tug of War With Your Gun Dog
Yes, you read that right! While tug of war has been accused of creating retrieve problems, that is due to tug of war being played incorrectly! By learning the skills covered in this course, you will no longer need to choose between having a nice retrieve and being able to play your dogs favourite game with them! Tug of war is not only a great way for you and your dog to have fun together and get exercise, it can also serve as an obedience reward!