Elite Gun Dogs is not your average gun dog trainer. Gun dog training is not just a job for me, it is a passion. My innovative approach combines tried and true traditional approaches with more modern techniques that are kinder for the dog while producing an even better bird dog than traditional methods. There is more to a good bird dog than just blind obedience, and my training program allows the dogs natural talent to flourish while still maintaining control of the dog. My fitness and nutrition programs are the result of first hand experience conditioning hundreds of performance animals for high level competition and keeping them competing there for the long term. A good fitness and nutrition program throughout the life of your dog will not only help prevent performance related injuries, but will also help your dog to have a better quality of life in their senior years. I train pointing dogs, retrievers and flushing dogs, and accept any breed of dog including mixes, as long as they are capable of doing the work that is expected of them. My training facility is located west of Nanton, AB in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains on prime bird habitat that provides extensive opportunities for contact with a wide variety of wild upland birds including grouse, hungarian partridge, and ringneck pheasant.