Online Gun Dog Coaching

While there are many fantastic do it yourself gun dog training resources out there, most of them are very generalized and are of little help when things start going sideways and your dog just doesn't seem to want to follow the program! Video coaching sessions are for anyone that wants quality dog training advice specific to gun dogs whether you are a casual hunter or a serious field trial competitor. 

Video training sessions are a great option for people who want support with training their own hunting dog but live too far away to come train with us in person regularly or at all. Through video training we can help you with problem areas, or even provide you with a complete step by step training program that is fully customized for you and your dog to help you achieve your specific goals. Click here for pricing.

Common problems we can help with include but are not limited too:

- Retrieve problems such as hard mouthing, "keep away", grip/holding problems, dropping birds/bumpers early.

- Pointing dogs that creep, steadiness problems, "whoa" problems, and recall/control problems.

- Flushing dogs with range issues and other control problems

- Blind problems such as whining/barking and breaking. 

- Reward dependency

- Blinking birds

- Gun-shy dogs

While we are always happy to help people address training problems with their bird dogs, it's always better to prevent problems than it is to try to fix them later. Common topics we can help you with include but are not limited to:

- Basic obedience (Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, Recall, Whoa)

- Using reward based training without creating a reward dependant dog

- E-collar conditioning and selection

- Whistle sits

- Ba-- Introducing gunfire

- Teaching a reliable "whoa"

- Steading pointing dogs to wing, shot, and fall

Honouring drills

- Steading retrievers in the blind

- Sit to flush

- Training a reliable retrieve

- Separating play retrieve from the formal retrieve

- Lining and casting drills such as the double T, wagon wheel, push pull, and ladder drills 

- Memory drills

- Blind retrieves

- Early puppy development exercises

- Introducing dogs to birds and proper bird handling

- Introducing your dog to water

- Quartering drills

- Crate training

- Competition prep and finishing work

- Reducing reward frequency

- Using conditioned reinforcers with your gun dog (clickers or verbal markers)

- Playing with your gun dog in a way that is both fun and productive for training

- Establishing pack structure with your gun dog

- Food vs toy vs praise rewards and when to use use them

- Early socialization for gun dogs

- Getting your dog to behave for grooming, nail trimming, and veterinary procedures

- Puppy and trained dog selection

Elite Sport Dogs' video coaching sessions can help you with almost anything and everything related to bird dog training. I provide creative one of a kind solutions specifically for you and your dog, and I understand that dog training equipment is expensive, so always I do my best to help you work with the equipment you already have on hand. Contact us to book an online training session today!

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