Rescue Dog Good Start Package

Help your new rescue settle in and live their best life.

  • 250 Canadian dollars

Service Description

Every rescue dogs is a unique individual with their own story. One of the things we love about rescue dogs is that they're one of a kind, but that also means their training program needs to be as unique as they are. This 3 session package covers: - Helping your rescue dog adjust to their new home - Decoding your rescue dogs history - Special considerations for socializing your rescue dog - Fearful behaviour and how to help your dog overcome their fear - Getting your rescue dog to listen to you - Addressing any other specific behaviour concerns The first of the 3 sessions takes place in your home. This allows us to do a thorough assessment of your dog in the environment where they are most comfortable. The following two sessions will take place either in your home or at our facility depending on the specific circumstances.

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